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Just in case you are wondering: I am still here!

Usually, I don’t like non-food related post on a food blog… but oh well. You won’t see things like this that often, I promise!
As I said before, I am writing exams right know and hardly find the time to cook at all… let alone the time to take photos!

Here’s an old one though. One of my favorites. No food in here, sorry.

The Hippie might be the best minifigure ever. I wish they would also make a hippie girl! Gender and potential for identification, you know. Oh, I might be studying too much… let’s just say I really like the hippie!

I’ll be done with my exams on thursday and I am looking forward to be done (I am not looking forward to take the exam though, it’s gonna one of the hardest exams…)

So, afterwards… there’s time to create recipes, take photos and share them!!!

I though about posting some of my “exam recipes”, like the Ultimate Pre-exam shake, smart raw cookie dough, or my creamy quick polenta… I am also drinking a lot coffee on the bricks these days! Ironically, I am drinking a lot of calming tee, too… (yes, I am weird like that…)
Oh, and there will be the RAW frozen hot chocolate. And the yogurt cake you see in the header…
So many yummy recipes! I am looking forward…

Just to let you know what’s about to come!