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This is not funny.

Strawberry ambush.

If there’s one thing I won’t share, it’s strawberries. I really like to share any recipe I create, I can share everything that’s in the fridge, I can even share almond butter (might be my second favorite. Guess the first one.)
I won’t share strawberries though. They usually come in one pound boxes. One pound is for me. If a friend or roommate  also wants strawberries, we have to buy two pounds. Remember, strawberries are not for sharing.

One more thing. It’s a pity, but I simply can’t do recipes with fresh strawberries. Sometimes I’d love to, but… they simply don’t last long enough…
And there’s no recipe that could taste better than fresh strawberries. No way.

My friends and family accept that I don’t share strawberries. seems like I still have to train those little yellow guys…